26 April 2010

Open Travel Comes to Seattle - Where Are You?

Open Travel has its first full meeting in 2 years starting tomorrow.

With a good crew of technology luminaries from most of the major sectors. I was privileged to spend an hour with the board meeting today looking at where the organization goes next. Tomorrow we get into the meat.

No promises but I will try and do a follow up blog on what happened.

During the show Stephen Joyce and Dennis Schaal of TNooz will be tweeting and blogging. Further in the evening we have TCamp4 hosted by Gene Quinn and Dennis will aim to make sense of it all.

Hot on the Agenda already are Ancillary Revenues and the complexity of delivery into the market.

So what aren't you here?

Oh yes - I know its because you think it rains here all the time (OK so today it lived up to its reputation).


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