22 April 2010

Welcome To Earth Day - Boy Is She PO'd

Mother Nature - (aka Mother Earth) should be happy with us. We are starting to do some real things to address the damage we have done to our environment.

BUT is it enough and is it too late?

Probably not to both questions but here is a short list of some things we can do to change behavior and stop abusing our home. These are all easy and good things to do.

1. Stop using Plastic Bags. At my house we have a bag holder. It used to get filled up, we had to get another one. Now it is rarely filled and the only thing that goes in there is the newspaper protector. I ALWAYS (or at least try to) refuse to get a plastic bag at any retail point. My car is now full of those recycled bags and I put a little note on the dashboard to remind myself - "Got Bags" before I go into a store. This is something you can do.

2. If its less than a mile WALK. Stop using cars for short trips. If its less then 3 miles - the bike it.

3. Reduce the food waste. Try this experiment. At the end of each meal pile all the unused food onto a plate and put it on a scale - then see how much you wasted. Doing this every day for a week see if you can reduce the amount by both cooking less and eating the things on your plate. In my household we have reduced the amount we throw away to almost nothing. Do the same thing in a restaurant. There is no shame in sharing meals or ordering 2 appetizers rather than a grossly filling main course.

These are 3 easy things you can do.

Remember my motto - Avoid, Reduce, Repurpose and Recycle.

This is good for all of us.... try it today


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