19 May 2010

"No Harm, No Foul" Says Google

In the continuing noise over Google's collection of data "accidentally" Google's CEO Eric Schmidt posed a question: "Who was harmed? Name the person," Mr Schmidt said at the company's annual Zeitgeist conference in Watford, UK. (BBC Quote).

So let me extend the analogy, if someone spies on another person either through a keyhole or via an internet camera - is that a crime. If the other person didn't know then what the harm?

So let's be clear Mr Schmidt - collecting data was NOT accidental. Someone did it deliberately. And their rights were abused. In some countries that is regard as an offense. In some countries it is not. In all countries it is an abuse.

In the US, advocacy group the Consumer Watchdog (according to John M Simpson, of the group) has written to the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) saying it should investigate Google.

"Google has demonstrated a history of pushing the envelope and then apologizing when its overreach is discovered, given its recent record of privacy abuses, there is absolutely no reason to trust anything the Internet giant claims about its data collection policies."

War driving is fun but you don't store the information.

'Nuf said?

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