28 May 2010

Time for the GML Change at CX

Every so often Cathy Pacific which is still run by the John Swire Group - one of the last Taipan businesses in Hong Kong - changes its folks around. There is a general move into the and out of the airline. Of late the number of such changes at a senior level have become less and less. So the Swire people tend to specialize earlier and stay with the airline in a more focused role.

So the latest round of GML changes as reported in Speed News looks like this:

James Barrington, currently Director Sales & Marketing, will become Director Corporate Development. Rupert Hogg, currently Director Cargo, will become Director Sales & Marketing. Tomasz Smaczny, now General Manager Information Management, will become Director Information Management. The current incumbent in the Director Information Management role, Edward Nicol, is retiring after 35 years’ service with the Swire group. In Flight Operations, Richard Hall, currently General Manager Aircrew, will take up the position of Director Flight Operations – a post currently held by Nick Rhodes. Mr Rhodes will become Director Cargo. Ian Shiu, the current Director Corporate Development at Cathay Pacific, has been appointed a Senior Director of John Swire & Sons (HK) Ltd with a brief which covers staff matters in Hong Kong and strategic developments in Mainland China and Taiwan.

So now you know...


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