29 May 2010

Which Is Worse - Social Media or Email?

For the longest time the bete noir of our work/personal life battle has been email. The jokes and stories of people having crackberries under the bed or sneaking out in the middle of the night to read email are legendary.

But now we have another beast we have to feed. Neilsen tracked that Social Media over took email last year. The growth in social media is the single most significant story in the online media space today. Social networking sites eclipsed personal e-mail in global reach at 68.4% vs. 64.8%, in February 2009. And even more significant—in only the first few months of 2009—the reach of these sites is growing at a brisk pace, faster than any other online sector.

Oh dear so now we spend time doing not just one or the other - WE DO BOTH.

Are we nuts....

Yup... and ADD too


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