29 May 2010

Which Is Worse - Social Media or Email? Part 2

So having set up the premise that Work/Personal life is a mess - now we can see how bad it really is. This is a chart from eMarketer for this week that shows the extent of the damage we inflict on ourselves. This is from a study by Osterman Research. The startling for me conclusion was that 79% of of the workers who call themselves mobile plan on taking their work-related devices with them on vacation. Is that a big percentage of the population? Well according to a separate study the USA has the highest percentage of mobile workers in its workforce, according to February 2010 data from IDC, with 75.5% of the workforce, or 119.7 million people, expected to be mobile by 2013.

And this will be when Millennials will be in the work force in droves. You can just here Apple and Google lapping this up as Android and iPhone take over the world.

While I don't feel quite so alone any more (Gee I thought I was special) I do think we need to get the balance a bit better.

Perhaps we should start having a "Turn Off Your PED" day. Or "Leave your iphone at home" day.

What example are we giving our kids.

Happy Days.... not....

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