11 June 2010

But Will It Play On Channel 9?

Several Airlines have installed exterior cameras for viewing onboard in the passenger cabins. Airbus has been offering this as a service for quite a while now. EK has all its pax aircraft configured with it. So do many others. United let's you listen into the cockpit/tower communications. (BTW its much more fun to leave it on and listen in half way through the flight when you hear the arrival airport chatter about how bad the delays are....

But what inside the cabin? Do we want to see who is taking a shower in First Class on EK.. YUK!

However it seems that since we now have VOD and in-flight wifi (which I hope is not an endangered species) that now we are about to get in-cabin surveillance. Courtesy of those nice people at Lufthansa Technik.

I will let you be the judge of the rectitude of this move.


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