01 June 2010

Good News For Facebook .. but Bad News For Work Life Mix

For those of you who missed my different perspectives on Social Media and last week's somewhat fizzled QUIT FACEBOOK day - here is some data that might make you want to think again about how you deal with Social Media.

Its bad enough that things are conflicted but that our time on Facebook continues to grow and from the anecdotal evidence the growth is occurring in the work population. It is also spreading into the home life more and more. It will be interesting to see how the US Labor Dept statistics show this.

But if its any consolation. 2nd Life is no longer a threat and Twitter is flattening out. Have a look at the Google Trends data. The first chart is master trends.

The second chart is the search list. I compared the following terms/sites:

2nd Life

Interesting... if not a little scary....


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