27 June 2010

Now Will FIFA Reform?

Earlier this year the FIFA mafia came down hard on the South African Airline Kulula. For a tongue in cheek advert.

All through the World Cup so far - FIFA has presented itself as the holier than though position. After the appalling decisions of the referee, Uruguayan Jorge Larrionda. The mistake by the officials will heighten the demand for goal-line technology – an ideology currently opposed by FIFA president Sepp Blatter. There is no way that nationality and history do not play a part. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate for FIFA to conveniently forget history and appoint such an official. Why not a Mexican or Brazilian official?

Now is the time for the entire FIFA KGB like organization to be frog marched off and replaced by a more modern open management. At the very least they should be transparent. So let's talk about Mr Blatter. According to Wikipedia (yes friends I dont make this stuff up)... "Blatter was elected president of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders, an organisation who tried to stop women replacing suspender belts with pantyhose".

Sure Germany was the better side in the end but to deny England its moment is surely something that will haunt the country for another 4 years at least.

Your disgustedly...

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