12 June 2010

Ridding Digital Junk

I am an information junkie. But also tired of drinking from the firehose. In many cases I sign up for things on the belief that it will be valuable. But like most people if it doesn't survive of value after a year then it should go into the waste paper basket.

I am also a pack rat of the worst order I find it hard to throw things away.

So here is a plea for people who have signup sheets and encouragement to sign up. There should be another field added to the signup. An expiration date.

I am so tired of the hassle of dealing with things that need to just turned off... it should be the vendor's responsibility to enable me to turn it off easily and then to unsubscribe.

So I would like to see a code of conduct that says - the signup process needs to have an automatic renewal at 12 months. OR a date when the user can unsubscribe definitively.

Fat chance huh....

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