05 June 2010

Technology Bullies - You Know Who You Are

Great piece in Infoworld this week.

The gist is that everyone loves the underdog until he becomes the Uber-Dog. They go on to list 6 companies. The three that affect us most in travel are (in order)

1. Apple
2. Google
6. Microsoft

I would add - the following to that list of people who started as underdogs and became the Uberdog:

Amadeus - well they were not exactly the underdog because they started with huge airline weight behind them but they are definitely the Uber-Dog these days and throw their weight around.

Expedia - Again with Microsoft's weight at the time - they were not exactly the underdog but we definitely started from that perspective against the then giants of Travelocity and Preview Travel.

Anyone for any more?


(With special thanks to its jacky for the use of the pic.

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