07 June 2010

Will They Or Wont They - Will QR One Up Them?

There is an interesting rumour doing the rounds - that Emirates will plonk down a chunk of cash and snap up 2 years worth of A380 production. Normally I dont harbour many rumours but this one is just interesting.

The one order is scheduled for Farnborough the other for Berlin.

There is another rumour floating around that QR will try and one up them by announcing a Major C Series order for their startup Regional LCC.

Now both of these are CLEARLY SPECULATIVE.... I have them from very mixed sources. I would put credence in the A380 order for a smaller number with some additional delivery positions.

As for the C Series. Well it would make sense - a 100 seater LCC plane in the GCC would be about right.

So we will see....


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