19 July 2010

A Free Case For Your (i4) Boat Anchor

Steve – aka the Dark Lord – has come out fighting on the issue of the iPhone 4’s er connection issue.

He says it has been blown out of proportion and that the media is to blame (sound like anyone else we know?).

Well Steve – this is life. Suck it up.

Apple has like almost every tech company – including many that I have been with – had its share of misfortunes. It is part of the way technology is. What works for some doesn’t work for others. Users expect computers to be infallible. To know the perfect answer. An iPhone is a work of beauty but it has to work as a basic function. Namely it has to work as a telephone. The issue of the antenna – which is among several other issues is that it needs to work normally. I believe from several iPhone 4 users I have spoken to – that the issue is sporadic. For one old time iPhone user – he explained he is as frustrated with the problem as when the iPhone 1 first came out and would disconnect in mid call when moving between towers. The Apple faithful have flamed me a few times for making an issue of the iPhone. Just the facts ma’am. For an empirical assessment of the iPhone from Consumer Reports which confirmed the issue – please visit their website.

I think the iPhone is a work of art and a marvelous thing. I hope Apple gets it right. My objection to it remains the business model and the fact that it is a license to print money. Given the money Apple is making from the iPhone – I believe they have an obligation to get it right.

So through the end of September you can have a case for your iPhone boat anchor. Hopefully after that the next batch will have a better antenna. I should point out that some analysts are reporting more issues with the iphone. But you can figure this stuff out for yourself.


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