14 July 2010

Here It Comes - Spanish Fly

OK so the headline is a bit hokey but BA and Iberia have had their merger blessed. So now we have definitely have airlines in Europe who are part of a cabal and have not airlines who are - well have not players.

The big 3 groupings of legacy carriers are the expected players -

BA (OneWorld)
AF (Skyteam)
LH (Star)

Their partners cover almost all of Europe. However and in my view this is a good thing - the total pie they control is much less than say in the USA. Ryanair, Easyjet Air Berlin and Wizz all represent a sizeable chunk of the EU market. With North America pretty much aligned and Europe the same - there really is little opportunity for choice amongst consumers other than from just 3 group choices.

In my view this is going to finally dawn on the consumer that he has only 3 options plus a few minor ones when ever he is looking to buy airline seats.

did someone say pork?


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