24 July 2010

Is Skype No Longer Real Time?

I think we all love Skype (if you are not a Skype user then you really should be!) But lately I have noticed that Skype is a little slow in delivering messages.

It used to be that Skype would hold a message if you were not logged on until you were there - then it would update. But lately I have noticed that some times it doesn't do this for DAYS!

I hope this is just an aberration because I really do love to use the application for leaving messages.

I would hate to see those chaps at eBay start to mess with Skype and that I have to defect to another service. The utility value of Skype I place WAY above Facebook and Linked in.


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Andrew said...

Google Voice is a tempting alternative. All your phones ring at once and voice messages are delivered as digital audio clips by email. Messages are also transcribed and emailed as text. The transcription is uncanny.

The dark side? Google Mail already trolls my email to target me for adverts; with GV they may as well data-mine my private conversations as well.

Yesterday I got a voice message from a bookstore saying that the new Mark Twain autobiography would be published in November (at "34.95"). How long before I get a solicitation for a discount copy from Amazon or Barnes&Noble?