30 July 2010

Passenger's Advocate Comes Under Fire

It is not often that you read a piece that essentially demolishes someone's credibility. And 3 web pages devoted to it at that. However it seems that the crusade of Kate Hanni is being impugned.

Travel Weekly which I love to read as my retro reading did a decent job of explaining the battle in the Hanni camp.

Personally I was rooting for her, I thought she had a good momentum. But it seems that she has somewhat blotted her copy book. One of the allegations against her is that she targeted Keith Mitchell. While the latter and I do not see eye to eye on just about anything - I do agree that the US should have passenger rights legislation. And so did Kate.

Let's hope there is a win here rather than a putting one person down to get the credit.



Kate Hanni said...

You should know the truth about this Travel Weekly article. We appreciate your support in the past and hope it continues in the future.

Travel Weekly's Mike Fabey wrote only positive articles about our group until the very day we filed the hacking law suit against Delta Airlines.

If you look closely at that article, and don't get hooked in by all of the inuendo and subtrifuge, you will see that the only beneficiary to it is Delta Airlines.

The not so hidden agenda was to make me look crazy, make our group look small and unimportant, make us look like crooks and liars and imply that I was willy nilly about our internet security.

The former disgruntled member of ours was let go for extremely inappropriate behavior towards me and yes I did have a case against him, but not for hacking...it was for extortion.

We are an underfunded hardworking group of volunteers who deserve a better shake than Travel Weekly gave us.

We are going to Travel Weekly with a letter to the editor and asking them to publish it...if they don't then we'll respond publicly with our taxes, name all large donors and a package that will debunk all of their accusations!

PS: Our hotline is a full time hotline, run by volunteers, it's 24/7/365 and we respond within minutes to every message left there.

Kate Hanni

Professor Sabena said...

Thanks Kate. I do wish you well with your efforts.