02 July 2010

So Apple Steps up and Acknowledges Too Fast Too Soon... But....

The iPhone has suffered what could be seen as a pretty hefty hit to its credibility. And for once the Professor didn’t have to harp on about it.

The complexity of the system integration causes it to – well become pretty useless as a device for which its primary purpose is – er – communication. I have been somewhat aghast at the poor quality of Smart Phones. I am a Crackberry user but in general do not like using the device as a phone. My preferred mobile is very much a phone but the swapping of sim cards and having to be very careful about how I use it drives me nuts.

In Apple’s case it’s highly oiled black turtle necked spin machine could not stop the huge groundswell about the set of problems that users had with the new device. As one new (and very unhappy) user told me – it was an interesting small desktop computer.

If it’s all the same to you – I will pass.


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