30 July 2010

Yes We Should Read The WikiLeaks Piece

I am an advocate for freedom of information. However the sheer volume of data in the Iraq WikiLeaks dossier is enough to turn anyone several shades lighter,

I do not condone the theft of information nor do I condone the bad acts and poor decisions that contributed to this mess. Worse is the cover up that occurred.

I first read about WikiLeaks in the New Yorker a few months back. Then I was introduced to Mr Assange. Its a balanced piece and obviously designed by the media savvy Mr Assange as part of his assault to get his story out.

So my exhortation to you is to read some of the dossier and draw your own conclusions. Its heady stuff. It makes for unsavory reading. However you understand that fighting the 21st century war is a very hard thing to do. And no you cannot do it in the public eye but you better be prepared for it when it gets out - as it always will.

Remember in the Internet EVERYONE can hear you scream...


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