01 August 2010

2009 A Bad Year For Airlines

Well so the numbers would seem to point out.

Both Flight Global and Air Transport World have pushed out their annual rankings.

The former used Seabury for much of its data - the latter used Ascend.

There are some really clear result trends that have emerged. I will pick on a few and will continue to explore them.

1. Airlines can make money out of Ancillaries.
2. Capacity restraint is key to maintaining profitability
3. Decline of the US market - domestic ASMs fell consistently.
4. Market volatility remains but seems to have reduced the amount of volatility.
5. Cargo has come back with a big bang
6. Premium Traffic is returning although yields remain a problem all round
7. Beware Emirates
8. Low Cost model is very healthy thank you
9. Reformation of the basic cost model is still lagging.

There are a lot of changes coming.


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