17 August 2010

And Another One Down - KISS

After a lot of hullabaloo around KISS - the airline in a box - it went belly up today.

Sadly this has again grounded thousands of passengers around Europe. Kiss started as a business to replace the seat only flights of the collapsed XL Airways and Fly Globespan. It was founded by Michael Smith and Paul Moss, who had previously worked at failed tour operator XL Airways which also went into administration in September 2008

Through an intermediary they had their aircraft provided by Viking Airways who put a note on their website today to show they are healthy - despite having a portion of their fleet devoted to Flight Options (the actual company that was KISS).

So this marks yet another major collapse in the UK travel market this year.

It doesn't seem to be so clear why the regulatory bodies are not doing more to protect the consumers.

The ATOL bond pool is going to be pretty empty by the end of the year.

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