24 August 2010

Are Travel Agents Being Weeded Out, Again?

I have been thinking that we may be seeing something I don't want to witness. A new wave of travel intermediary reductions.

True the numbers look pretty rose for travel agency numbers in terms of transactions and turnover but what of the number of agencies.

In two markets I think we are seeing a downsizing in the number of outlets. Both the UK and the US are noticing this.

it seems that Travel Weekly USA also noticed it. Here is an exert from August 23rd 2010 edition

Travel Counsellors, a U.K.-based group that had launched networks of home-based agents in several countries, quietly phased out its U.S. venture last month.

Earlier this month, the IT Group network, which claimed a membership of 800 agents, decided to switch gears, shut down and offer its members a new opportunity to affiliate with Vacation.com.

And this week we report eTravCo is shutting down and liquidating, advising its creditors and member agencies that it lacks the funds to cover its unsecured debts.

I am going to keep looking at this...


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