24 August 2010

Brazil - Predicted To Grow Significantly

When the rest of the world was wringing its hands last year - one country that seemed to have moved into a strong position has been Brazil.

Low debt both macro and consumer has freed them from many of the endemic problems of the debt crisis (aka the GFC) last year.

For the Travel category - Brazil has continued to power an increasing number of northbound traffic to the USA. They LOVE Disney and its a right of passage to take a trip to the shrine of Mickey.

Recent studies by OTTI are indicating the US needs to get on its bike and start pitching heavily to Brazilians. South America has the highest U.S. inbound growth rate of any region and is projected to increase by 11 percent in 2010, generating more than 4.3 million visitors by 2014. Brazil, the largest South American source market, is expected to increase 22 percent in 2010 and produce a record 1.09 million visitors. By 2014 the U.S. may host 1.9 million Brazilian visitors, a 113% increase over 2009.

Those are good numbers.


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