18 August 2010

Can An Airline Do This?

I consulted one of my learned colleagues who is also a Professor and asked him whether the following statement is legally allowed, desirable or even lawful:

"This email is intended solely for the addressee(s) and the information it contains is confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, (a) please delete this email and inform the sender as soon as possible, and (b) any copying distribution or other action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance upon it is prohibited and may be unlawful."

She described the statement as useless gobbledygook. In particular the last phrase is incomprehensible.

For obvious reasons I am not going to embarrass the airline concerned with naming them - but they know who they are.
And by the way the email arrived as part of a solicitation for me to fill out a customer survey.

This is how the email started:

Dear Professor

Thank you for being a loyal XXXX Club member. Because your opinion matters to us, we would like to invite you to take this short five-minute survey that will help us enhance our future marketing programs.

etc etc

This is not girls gone wild - its Lawyers gone off their trolleys.

Another candidate for the Queen of Hearts favourite epithet....


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