13 August 2010

JetBlue Flight Attendant - Criminal or Folk Hero?

By now most of you know the story of Mr Slater and his temper.

In some sectors he has been immortalized for his actions as a folk hero.

Let's be clear about this one. He is a criminal and should go to jail.

He abused a position of trust and placed a number of people in serious jeopardy of injury and even (in the case of ramp workers possible death). I don't say this to dramatize the issue but to highlight that someone could have been killed by the explosive deployment of the chute. His protestations to say he took care about deploying the chute show the action was premeditated and therefore deliberate in putting his co-workers (on the ramp) at huge risk.

Mr Slater in my book is a criminal and should be locked up in jail for his actions. I believe there are more than a few regulations and laws he contravened not least of which showed he could be classified as a domestic terrorist.

For once I agree with Donald Trump.



Lord Bart-Jan Mathot of Loch Leven and Glencoe said...

I would expect the airline to file charges, and since he knows aircraft, to stop him from ever using an aircraft even as a normal means of transportation, as no one would know what he would do next. I also read a comment from an aviation manager that would employ him immediately and this person should be questioned and his/her position should be questioned as well. Safety and security go hand in hand when using an aircraft is concerned.

Louis Biggie said...

I agree. There is no excuse for his behavior and he should face the consequences.

Having said that, I have frequently seen people behave really rudely when talking to airline staff, and I think it is a serious problem.

In this case, I think it would be appropriate for JetBlue to file a suit against the passenger.

It might also be a good idea for airlines to educate passengers in civility and respect. They shouldn't have to but a little learning might avoid undesirable human and financial consequences.