10 August 2010

Keep The Internet Free And Open - Say NO to Google and Verizon Scheme

It seems my post yesterday on questioning Google's capacity for good and evil - may be more relevant than even I have been thinking.

We should all be ardent supporters of an open and free Internet. Well it seems that Google and one of its henchmen think that there is a new definition of net neutrality. One in which there will be a two speed internet. The plebs and the elite.

The Seattle Times, normally a right wing paper, even took time out from its review of the local election candidates to devote its lead editorial to the subject.

Google must be stopped in developing a closed part of the web.

As the headline in the Times said - we must - absolutely "Keep the Internet open, accessible, creative"


With Acknowledgement to Raymond Fong for the use of the image. Check out his blog on a separate Google issue. ore of the same?

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