15 August 2010

MakeMyTrip Pops a Big One - Travel Is Hot Again

Ah yeah baby...

Travel is HOT HOT HOT.

The 89% first day pop on Indian OTA Make My Trip should give a lot of people confidence that travel is back and back big time. In what the Motley Fool called one of the hottest in years... there is a lot for the industry to smile about.

So let's see - is this just the consumer market or is there good stuff that can occur elsewhere in Travel Technology?

In my view this should give the Gnomes of Langley and Atlanta some comfort as they struggle to find ways to put a little lipstick on the porcine Travelport. For Sabre this will undoubtedly revive the debate as to whether they go wholly out as an entity or if they go down the Blackstone path and push Travelocity out separately. While Travelocity is a great property - it has lost its luster like any of the big four with the notable exception of Priceline.


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