06 August 2010

Trust Must Be Earned And Kept At Every Interaction

HSBC has been running ads in its Different Values campaign for many years. Those of us who spend time in international airports cannot help but see them - they appear in just about every jetway i have walked down for years. I keep wanting them to do an image based on Trust. But so far haven't seen one.

Trust is a fleeting thing. Just as Toyota and Palm.

Trust in Travel has never had a high level in my view. Much of it has been because there was little trust engendered by the PR hacks in their descriptions of products and services. In an industry that depends largely on obfuscation as core concept - Trust is a hard thing to deliver.

A great piece from eMarketer today reminds us about several characteristics. It covers a number of recent studies from Neilsen and others. its a quick read and is a good aide memoir.

Perhaps the two characteristics that I feel are critical are:

1. Trust has to be earned and kept at all times.
2. Trust does not come from interaction. It is an additional element.

The assumption that frequent interaction results in Trust is a mistake that is made worldwide. You need only to consider that there are some things you have to do (like reading this blog everyday) but you don't have to trust it or even like it to use it.

Travel Marketers - just DON'T forget that.

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