10 August 2010

US Sen. Ted Stevens - RIP

It seems that fate sometimes strikes twice. For the second time Former US Senator Ted Stevens, it did not smile brightly. He was killed on Monday Evening in a plane crash in the State, Alaska, that he loved and served.

He had survived a plane crash in 1978 that took the life of his first wife. Sadly he died in a plane crash this week in a 1957 vintage DHC-3T Turbo Otter.

A towering figure in the US legislature for more than 40 years, he had a huge impact on aviation and obviously the State of Alaska before being ousted under a cloud in 2008.

Stevens loved to fish, and loved airplanes, and "if he had to die — I think this is the way he would have wanted it: in Alaska's bush, on the way to catch salmon," said John Iani, a Seattle attorney raised in Kodiak, Alaska, and a longtime friend.

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