03 September 2010

Another MOL Story - Is He On The Charm Offensive?

The irrascible CEO of Ryanair is at it again.

This time in Bloomberg.

To most in the world - the treatment of passengers as a commodity - Bovine Air - is the fact but the fiction of travel as a sexy experience persists.

The reality of the process is that the actual flying portion of the trip has become the least offensive part. In days of yore there were flights from places that were close in. Today - the airport entrance to the airport exit point has become so long and complicated not to mention cattle like that the degrading of the human spirit is an accepted form of treatment.

Bless him - Michael O'Leary calls a spade a spade.

How many of us/them can actually say that - at the same driving their company to now the second most valuable airline in the world?


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