01 September 2010

Are We Headed For Travel Industry Megalomania?

OK so we all know the Travel Industry has a few egos here and there. But are we headed for a lustful grab for power in many sectors?

It seems we may be headed for a major adjustment of the status quo. Let's look at the facts.

The airlines are coalescing around 3 global alliances. The US market has seen 2 major mergers in 3 years - DL+NW and CO+UA. In Europe LH is gobbling everyone up who wasn't AF, KL or BA, IB. In Australia the big players came down to 2. In Europe already dominated in leisure by TUI and Thos Cook. There are now only 3 major legacy international GDSs. There are really only 4 major global travel industry networks. There are four major online players....

I think you get my point.

The pyramid that used to be nice and flat is now getting pretty pointy looking


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