06 September 2010

Are You REALLY Mad About Airline Fees?

I like to think I am a balanced person. And here is a chance (on Labour Day when I am working) for me to show you how balanced I can be.

A new coalition of those who despise Airline Fees has a new website out. And they having a "Mad As Hell Day" September 23rd.

So far they are being less than subtle about it. Drafting dubious questionnaires in support of their position. However it is their right to do it and I am going to publicize their petition.

I would draw your attention to their privacy policy...

Privacy Policy

"Any information you provide on this page will be used to register your concerns regarding hidden airline fees with elected officials and government agencies. We will never use your e-mail address to send you advertisements or other marketing mails, nor will we sell your e-mail to any outside organizations. We may, at times, use your e-mail to deliver information to you on the issue of hidden fees or on other timely policy matters of interest to travelers. If you do not wish to receive those occasional e-mails, you may unsubscribe at any time via a link on the mail. If you submit a hidden fee story, we will not use your full name or contact information in connection with that story unless you authorize us to do so. We may, however, use any stories submitted on this site on an anonymous (first name and location only) basis to promote this issue in the media, on the web site, in advertisements or through governmental submissions."

Actually this is not correct and they are telling a rather large fib. Because there is no place to register my individual concerns about the issue. Further I am still not happy about the very biased questionnaire that the same team has put up. I wrote about this a few weeks ago. Have a look at my post on the subject.

While I support the right of the individual to protest - they should do it fairly.

I don't actually like airline fees. There I said it... however I firmly believe that Airline Ancillary Service Fees are the appropriate way to allow address the way an airline can offer me a personalized product. I feel empowered by the way its covered and I can now decide what I want and wish to pay for ... AND those I don't want.

So what do you think? If you want to go and register your opinion you can do so directly. The formal rule making proposal document can be downloaded from the DoT here.

For those of you from Georgia (the State not the Country) who farm peanuts - you might want to pay close attention to page 2 where the following statement is made:

In addition, the Department is considering several
measures, including banning the serving of peanuts on commercial airlines, to provide greater
access to air travel for the significant number of individuals with peanut allergies.

If you have a specific complaint then file it appropriately directly here.

Just tell them the Professor Sabena sent you.


With acknowledgement to MGM for the image of the cast of one of the best movies ever made.

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