10 September 2010

Boeing Goes Safe, Airbus goes...? Let's Ask Pratt And Whitney

Pratt & Whitney (US) President David Hess says Airbus and Boeing could make different decisions on whether or not to re-engine A320 and B737 respectively. This comes today when news reports are surfacing that Boeing is mulling 737NG+ instead of a 737RE. And this cuts to the heart of the difference between the aircraft designs. The 737 struggled to get the wide fans onboard. The newer A320 design already came with the wider chord engines as a baseline. So now for Boeing to RE with say one of P&Ws Power products then we are looking at a significant investment for the Chicago based planemaker.

So it just looks like the A320 which has been outselling its rival in recent years has greater legs.

I really feel that there is a great opportunity that Boeing has to drive a next gen solution rather than an upgrade.

Will they do it?

Nahhhhhhhhh they don't listen to me. So we are condemned to a lesser solution for another 10 years.


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