01 September 2010

Er Excuse Me ... But Americans Are Really Stupid...

I guess that got your attention didn't it!

But it seems I am right. On this US Labor Day weekend when the country celebrates its workers - I thought I would have a look at what the rest of the world does.

First let's talk De Jure - by Law. Americans are just sad people. They don't get any holiday. The only OECD country to so be.
And no that is not a misprint the US has ZERO.

So what about in practice?

Americans get an average of 13 vacation days per year. This is comprised of 10-11 full actual "vacation" days and 2-3 days of "flex time".

However the AVERAGE American leaves 3 of these total days unused every year.

There is even an organization formed to help you (and presumably to selling books on the subject).

But have no fear... you are not the least or worst off.

According to Financial Calendar the worst off is in order:

Bosnia has only 2.8 days. Probably an aberration. But Cuba, Serbia, Mongolia and Uzbekistan are all around 6 days.

Clearly a workers paradise.

But for now I think I am heading to Nepal where you get on average 24 days.

For a good report - head over the the Harvard Law Review and check out their full report.

Cheers and TAKE THE DAY OFF... I am going to Bumbershoot in Seattle. Should be fun


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