03 September 2010

How Media Treats Mexico

I consume a lot of media each day - we all do.

So I have always been struck by the way Travel Media - particularly traditional based media outlets - treat news.

A case in point is to see how Mexico has been faring lately. The reality of the situation is that Mexico experienced one of the more severe of the impacts of the GFC. This has been compounded by the current war on drugs being waged between the cartels and the Federal Government. Yesterday listening to the BBC News about Calderon's crusading anti drug war on my local NPR station in Seattle it struck me that media is always focusing on the extremes.

So today I looked at contrasting stories about Mexico. I found two that more than anything illustrate my point.

From USA Today the focus on the bar killings in Cancun. (BTW I am going there next week for a conference). Yet there is a much more upbeat message on Travel Daily News about how things are really looking up in Mexico.

The fact that Mexicana its largest airline just stopped flying and the tourism numbers are abysmal - you have to question why they would put out a story like this?

I like Mexico. The people and the locale are wonderful. But is everything in the garden so rosy?

Probably not.

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Teaneck Landscape Designer said...

People of the media, newsmakers always go for the extreme because that's the way they would be able to attract attention and that's the way they earn money. Mexico has a lot of cultural, historical places that are so beautiful but the way media is hyping the negative things of which sometimes they are just a microscopic part of the whole will drastically affect the tourism business there.