11 September 2010

Is Your Brand Better or Worse Off in a Social World?

Project Wander had a very interesting piece on a Twitter driven attack on Flight Centre.

Flight Centre fends off social media attacks

What is interesting is that there was little substance to the attack except for the use of an image of a tourist on an elephant. In that case then the same folks are likely to go after Meghan McCain (yes John’s daughter) for her book Dirty Sexy Politics

As Graham points out the Flight Centre social media team were on the case very quickly to thwart the attack.

So how do companies in general feel about the value or threat to their brands in a Social World? A good piece in eMarketer this week covered the issue nicely.

So be careful out there. The emergence of non-brands and the social based brands can have a profound effect on traditional and product based brands.

Yes you have been warned – you both need to think AND act on this one.


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