01 September 2010

Mummy Do I Need An App For That?

I had a chance to see several people's iPhones and iTouches this past weekend. It is quite interesting to see what people have as Apps.

There is clearly no shortage of apps for the iOS family of products. I was roving around the iTunes store and looked under the category of travel.

Actually the way I navigated was via Facebook - so many imprecise ways to navigate - its scary. The top apps in all categories can be viewed on Facebook easily.

I am at least gratified that iFart is no longer the number one application for iPhone.

What is interesting is that the iPad apps are now diverging from the iPhone apps. I would have expected a certain degree of this driven by the form factor. However I would have expected people to have loaded all their favorite apps from the iPhone onto their iPads (I believe but cannot find hard evidence that the iPad users are mostly former/current iPhone users as early adopters).

And I am really grateful that so far no one has come up with an App that addresses Thumb Sucking.

(With special thanks to the Daily Telegraph for this fascinating subject). I am sure that before too long the clinic will have its own App.


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