01 September 2010

Still Flying Bovine Air?

Like almost everyone else on the planet - I cannot afford first class fares nor private jet travel.

Occasionally the droppings from the airline table allow me to fly in a "premium" class. But its rare. On long haul I try to fly business class - the best deal is still the Round The World fares. Right now with the dollar reasonably strong the best place to buy them is in the UK. The best deal I find is the joint BA/QF fare. Its pretty cool if you can get it. It requires a lot of planning and being adaptive. But I can get from UK to Oz to Singapore, India and then Europe. if you pay a regular RTW then this adds 40% to the cost. But you get a heck of a lot of extra flexibility.

But what about the service?

Well in general despite my FF status - the flights on long haul biz class have declined in recent years.

Apparently though not for everyone. Here is a little piece from CNN you might find amusing

Dream on...

I wonder if Bristol Palin flies like this?


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