11 September 2010

This week’s …. A Few Thoughts - Voyeurism

This week the professor has started a round of rather long and extensive road trips that is going to keep me busy from now till Turkey Day (That’s Thanksgiving to those who are not familiar with American Pagan customs.) My thoughts have been turning to the amount of distraction. I am not sure if its just me but I am having a hard time engaging after the summer. Even though I have been back at full time work since the end of July – my work schedule generally becomes gets pretty busy come September rolls around. This year is no exception.

What seems to catch my eye is that I am eye distracted. I am not sure if I what is going on but I find my eyes wandering to everywhere except where they need to be.

I call this problem - Voyeurism – staring at the screen and all its distractions. So I have been just examining screens and come to the conclusion the efforts to monetize every inch of screen real estate is causing me ADD. I can imagine that it could be worse for other regular folks…

What do you think?

Photo Courtesy of Mr Pant

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