29 October 2010

Amadeus – Slow or Prescient?

Amadeus likes to pride itself on its technological prowess. In my view regular readers to this blog will know I am very uneasy over some of their business practices and how they have started to exert some severe pressure on both its customers and its competitors

However I believe that it may have gone a bit too far in showing how it can control things – by pushing out an implementation by TWO MILLENIUMS!

Check out this image culled from one of their recent product enhancement announcements.

I think it shows they have a distinct attitude to working on security! So I have to wonder is Amadeus becoming the Google of the Travel Industry?

Now there’s a thought.

With a tip of the hat to Professor Andrew for the link. Ping me directly if you would like a copy of the actual link address. Its public but I don't want to appear TOO hard on Amadeus.


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