18 October 2010

So What ARE You Doing All Day Long?

Firstly the young are not doing the same things we do. Also they consume less media in 2010 than in 2000.

I love Radio - but Radio is just not as connected to me as it used to be. I have an iPod nano with FM radio but the service is crappy. So my saviour is online radio. I listen to NPR from the USA (my local radio station) and I love Pandora. Because its embargoed outside of the USA or when I eat up my 40 hours a month on the free site, then I switch to Last FM.

I can really determine my mood and match the music by my choice of station. Just like Radio.

eMarketer has released a piece on the subject of radio.

What do the kids do first thing in the morning... I watch and I see them plugged in but its not radio.

Radio is dead - long live Web Radio.


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Andrey said...

Thanks for the info, very good and detailed! I liked this post!