01 November 2010

Farewell Southwest LCC King (And Easyjet too)

The old saying of it ain't over till the fat lady sings may ring a little hollow over at LUV field this week.

News reports are stating that WN will now start offering partnerships with foreign airlines in order to expand the WN brand to international markets.

At the same time - U2 is going to abandon Easiboarding in favour of (shock horror) assigned seats.

So that makes two of the leading stalwarts in LCC defectors to the conventional model.

For Southwest this has been coming for a long time. Over the past 3 years it has removed all the barriers to its becoming a regular airline. Anyone who says otherwise must examine the facts:

GDS - check
Boarding pass - check
Interline - check
Meals - check
Business Products - check
Complex fares - check

So not much left to do...

Cheers and a little sniff....

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