20 November 2010

I have 6 Months To Decide if I want the New iPad

Rumour and Speculation - but here it is anyway.

The next iPad will come in two sizes - standard 11 and small 7 inches.

it will have 2 cameras front and back.

It will be faster

I might want one



Professor Sabena said...

For some reason Concorde's comment wont publish so here is his comment:


Professor Sabena said...

From Professor Glenn: Here is a dialogue between us on the subject. He (and the black turtlenecked one) say Nix to the 7 inch iPad. (Hint you have to start at the bottom)

From Glenn


I think you made the case why it won’t happen. Certainly Jobs won’t simply follow what others do. He believes that the small form factor isn’t appropriate from a usability POV, and usability is what rules the roost at Apple. Personally I think I’d like to see a 7” iPad, but from using my current iPad, I can see how some of the apps would not fare as well in a smaller form factor.

As to your point about Apple having multiple sizes on other products, a few comments:
• You have to discount different size monitors. There have always been different size monitors for PCs. But the Mac’s all-in-one format requires them to create different SKUs for the consumer
• As far as the iPod models, it’s more about different use cases and price points than different sizes. The Shuffle is a $49 entry level device with very limited functionality. The Nano is a music-only device while the Touch is the swiss-army knife product that has all the iOS goodness (music + apps + gaming + facetime), larger screen size and touch interface. In case you didn’t realize, the Shuffle and Nano don’t use iOS, they use a more limited OS.

I will say that the Galaxy sales have been very good (600K in first month), but the reviews of the device have been horrible, due mostly to the poor match of Froyo to the form factor. And sales of the Streak have been inconsequential. So I guess we’ll see what we’ll see in due time.


From: Professor S
To: Glenn
Subject: RE: iPad 7" rumors are wrong

It should be the case…

The Galaxy tablet and the playbook along with the Dell Streak are all this form factor. Even the Evo 4G from HTC is getting pretty close.

So I guess this means not this time… but I suspect he might change his mind … however as we have seen the only products that Apple has allowed to have multiple sizes are the monitors and the iPod

Go Figure



From: Glenn
To: Professor S
RE iPad 7" rumors are wrong

In a recent earnings call, Steve Jobs went on at length as to why a 7” or smaller form factor just doesn’t work. I can’t imagine that we see a mini-iPad. But the other features you noted in your post probably will be there.