30 November 2010

Just When You Thought It Was Safe.....

In a land far far away, I thought Second Life was cool - well for about a month while I played with it. But other than making myself a Fox with a VERY cool tale - I thought this was about as much fun as watching paint dry with molasses built in. And just as exciting.

I am not much of a game player I am afraid - unless you mean Guitar Hero but that is a different story!

I really find the Farmville stuff on Facebook and others very annoying. (Rather like Twitter but that too is another story).

I am also an American Express card holder.

So shock horror - I am starting to think about my Christmas shopping - using up some of those points from all those flights I have taken this year.

When to my shock and horror - I find out I can purchase a Purple Cow for 540 points. I might just have to do that for my sister as she is a big Farmville fan.

UGH - the world has gone to the dogs. Thanks Zynga!

And no - I am not adopting any animals in Petville....

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