27 November 2010

Mummy, I know I should but do I have to?

Mummy Dearest!

Oh but do I really have to do this Social Media thing. I don't like those people and they dress funny.

Mummy please don't make me go to this party. I don't like them. They make me play weird games and everyone has to "join in".

I hate it when I can't just be myself and play with my dolls and the dog.

Oh Mummy PLEASE don't make me go..

(Queue sound of sobbing child)

I don't care what the people at Ketchum and Fedex say... what do they know about me?

They think I am just like them - Oh Mummy why can't I wear my wellies to the party. Why do I have to wear the same dress as everyone else. I don't even want to colour my hair purple even though 90% of all people do it.

And another thing Mummy dearest - I never liked My Little Pony....

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Joe Buhler said...

OK, Mommy says you don't have to. You can stay home and play with your toys all by yourself!