03 November 2010

The Professor's 2000th Blog

Shortly - very soon - I will be celebrating 2000 Blog posts.

So I thought it would be nice to hear from you - via comment of privately what you would like to see me discuss.

It has been a long road and an unexpected one... thanks to you my dear readers for your support and encouragement


With special thanks to the XXIII Scandinavian Congress of Mathematicians for the image.

1 comment:

Andy said...

Hi Professor,

I'm mostly happy with your blog & would congratulate you on having the self-discipline to keep at it. The area I'd like to see a little more on is the industry IT suppliers. You wrote a very good blog a while back on the CRS vendors and their various issues, either as a company or within their (often legacy) product line. As someone who works with airlines as a consultant, helping them prepare business cases for change, such projects often involve IT renewal. I'm still surprised at the deficiencies that show up in vendors IT product lines, but carriers see to live with them. Which begs the question - why?