15 November 2010

The Real Googleplex Grows

The Googleplex in my view has always been an online phenomenon - since I don't live in Silicon Valley I have not been paying much attention to the state of Google Town.

Well it seems that GoogleTown South (Aka Mountain View CA) and GoogleTown North (Aka Kirkland WA) are both growing in leaps and bounds.

Check out this story from the SJC Mercury News.

Personally the last time I was near SJC Airport - I had a quick look and saw both the 767 and the 757 planes parked.

The 757 had a familiar registration which I then check up and was formerly the plane of one Paul Allen. Often used to fly him to watch Monika Seles play as well as some times flying some of his teams around. Now it is resplendent with Winglets. (I am sorry I could not find a picture of both planes together).

The Google Air Force now comprises the 767 and the 757 plus 3 Gulfstreams.

I dont think Microsoft at its height had that many planes. (Discounting Vern Raeburn's efforts of course).

Soon we will be able to measure the size of both the real and the virtual Googleplex. That gets a little scary.


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