28 November 2010

The Strange Case of Vitaly Borker and The Googleplex

I urge you all to read this piece from the NY Times from November 26th 2010 entitled "A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web".

The reason is apart from the unsavory business practices of Mr Borker and his alias Mr Tony Russo - is that the Googleplex clearly has few protections for this sort of behaviour.

Whether or not he committed a crime is not for the Professor to determine. Whether Google failed in its responsibility to protect the consumer is also not for me to determine. However the fact that Google's system can and still is easily manipulated for ill-gotten gains is something that should affect all of us.

In my view - Google failed the standard of care for its user communities and that is a responsibility it should not be allowed to shirk just because the web is an easier place to do bad things.


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Anonymous said...

People need to file complaint's against him with the attorney general of New York. His corporate filings are a tissue of lies, with false names like Tony Russo and Jessica Apple. And he has specifically stated in messages that he intends for his corporation to end up bankrupt to prevent creditors from collecting in lawsuits.