24 November 2010

The Washer Did It!

So now we have the answer to one of the more intriguing whodunits in a long time.

How come the fire in the Test Boeing 787 was so catastrophic and what caused it.

It was the washer. Apparently a small washer caused an arc across the electrical circuit and caused the fire. Other sources say that it was foreign material including paper and tools left in the panel which caused the fire. Of course the French company Zodiac

So no need to panic chaps - the schedule will be back on... right?

Oh I am not so sure... let's wait and see what Boeing says the schedule is after it restarts.

Here is the story from Seattle's Local NBC Affiliate. KING5

Boeing has a special condition imposed on it but the FAA. According to the Seattle Times quote "The Federal Aviation Administration in 2008 issued a "special condition" for certification of the 787 that requires Boeing to prove the airplane can fly safely and land even with the two main engines and the auxiliary power unit in the tail inoperative."

This is a bit of good news bad news.

If they meet the basic requirements then the special condition will be relaxed. If they dont then the conditions will be tightened and that may in turn require a further redesign.

And yes this was the same company that makes those nice rubber boats. Now spun out separately under the Carlysle Group.


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