22 December 2010

AA out of Orbitz - Now What?

Multi Carrier Direct Connect Solutions now in production and available to the international marketplace.

The Professor's position on the Travelport's surcharge is that this is unwise. The US Judge has now allowed AA to withdraw from Travelport/Blackstone owned Orbitz and the fares and availability are now out with effect yesterday afternoon.

So now what are agencies in the international market to do? The obvious answers are to move the bookings to alternative GDSs such as Sabre and Amadeus. Booking directly via AA's business websites can be complicated. Some agencies are booking codeshares with AA as much as possible.

When the customer demands AA either explicitly or as a result of the search for the best results - the agency is duty bound to book the airline. But to offer competitive unbiased search - where can an agency go for a quick fix?

One of our client's LUTE Technologies is offering a fast track implementation multi-supplier direct connect system.

The old model of a single monolithic "one size fits everything" solution is dead.

Check out LUTE and its ability to address high quality content next gen solutions for Agencies.

Then get in touch directly. They are now offering solutions to Agencies and Airlines including BSP ticketing in more than 15 markets.


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