28 December 2010

Alfred Khan - The Godfather of Freedom

As we watch a lot of unhappy people dig themselves out from the snow back east USA and the whole continent of Europe it seems suffered - we should stop and thank the man who perhaps contributed more to the mess than anyone else.

The Bill of Rights had 5 basic freedoms. Back then the physical restrictions on movement of people and goods meant that few could venture outside of their immediate surroundings.

# Freedom of Religion
# Freedom of the press
# Freedom of speech
# Freedom of assembly
# The right to petition the government

Today - freedom to move around is not governed by these physical limitations - they are largely economic ones. The man who contributed most to that in the USA which became the model for the rest of the world was Alfred Khan.

More than three years ago there was a lovely piece in USA Today and I covered it in an early blog post.

So here's to you Professor Khan.

Thanks for giving us this freedom to enjoy travel. I for one and eternally grateful for the possibility.


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